Sunday, January 01, 2006

What a Weekend

The craziness of New Years has finally passed.

Saturday started out with Kristen and I waking up, throwing on our snow pants, and heading outside to play in the freshly fallen snow that hit the Twin Cities Friday night with 2-4 inches of snow. On the ride home Friday afternoon on the 3B, I saw many people playing and building Snowmen along Como Avenue and gave me the drive to go out and play in the snow. The KU and I started by trying to roll the snow, however the snow had other plans. Although the snow was compactable, it wasn’t sticky enough to roll and have the balls accumulate more snow. So we started building on the base and attempting to form our snowman by shoveling snow upwards. After a while working to no avail, Kristen dared me to tackle our creation and see if I could knock it over. So I gave a running start and tackled the mound, however, I flipped over the obelisk that was our snowman and ended up lying on my back starring up at the sky. Kristen came over laughing at me, and all I did was laugh back. My roommate Pete had built a snow fort in Mid-November, and so I wanted to add onto his or build an opposing fort so that we could have a snowball fight.

Kristen and I used the recycling bin to form the blocks of snow as Pete had. After forming a couple of blocks, we were cold, tired, and hungry. So we trudged into the house and ate some wonderful French toast made and Bacon made by Frank and the Megatron. After refueling, we enlisted the help of Pete and Megan Weyenberg, to start building and playing with the snow in the backyard. Our fort in the backyard quickly turned into a igloo, which Kristen, Pete, and myself worked on until dark. Kristen took a bunch of pictures and hopefully I will be able to add some photos to this post soon.

New Years eve consisted of attending Rory and April’s New Years Eve party over at 808 Berry Place. April, Rory’s fiancĂ©e, has consistently thrown great parties with delicious orderves, finger food, and tasty drinks. The roommates and the roommates’ girlfriends all made the easy drive from the house on Lindig to our old residence of Berry Place. We all had a great visit with April and her roommates, as well as hear all the juicy details of Rory and April’s engagement and plans for their wedding in April that we are all looking forward to attending.

New Years Eve ended with the traditional act of watching the ball drop in Times Square at midnight followed by the downing of champagne and extravagant toasts from everybody at the party. Kristen and I went home and after attempting to watch a movie, quickly fall asleep.

Sunday, New Years day, my brother Frank, Kristen, and myself drove out to the family’s house in Brooklyn Park to enjoy our annual New years day tradition of cooking Chinese food. My mom made Egg Rolls, Shrimp Toast (our favorite appetizer), and Sesame Chicken all our favorites. We finished the evening with some phenomenal Cranberry Cake made from my Mom and Grandma’s secret family recipe, served with the signature butter sauce.

Talk about a fattening evening. Tomorrow, Kristen and I are making the drive to Duluth for our little vacation over Winter Break. The next post will be the first in a four part series about our adventure in Duluth.
I hope everyone had a wonderful New Year celebration. I would love to hear about some of people’s exploits.


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