Sunday, January 22, 2006

Mill City Baby

Today, Kristen and I ventured to the heart of the Minneapolis Riverfront District to visit the Mill City Museum. The Mill City Museum is housed in the remains of the Washburn A Mill, which in the early years of flour Milling in Minneapolis, was the world’s largest. The Mill City Museum did a great job of showing the importance of the flour milling industry to the growth of Minneapolis and how important the falls of St. Anthony were to the milling industry.

Kristen and I took the guided walking tour of the Mill. Our tour guide really knew his stuff and was able to answer some pretty tough questions, including one of mine about the recent decision of the heritage board on the current proposed development for the Pillsbury A Mill on the other side of the river that has been the sight of some major controversy. Recently the Minneapolis Star Tribune released an article about the plans for the redevelopment of the Pillsbury A Mill. To read about it, check out this post from a local blogger:

Our tour guide felt that the refusal by the heritage board shoes a lot of short sidedness on their part considering that the proposal was approved by the two surrounding neighborhoods and the money from the development would go to help preserve the Pillsbury A Mill as well as convert it to housing purposes.

Kristen and I were very impressed by the Mill City Museum partially because it was very interactive. I was also impressed by the enthusiasm of the employees of the Minnesota Historical Society and their knowledge of current events and how they affect Minneapolis as well as the Twin Cities at large. The Mill City is something that the Depot should look at for some ideas to improve on their presentation of information. We both were able to take some great pictures, which hopefully we can get uploaded on flickr and then added to these posts as well as the posts from our week in Duluth. If I can get photoshop on the beast than I can make the pics look better.

The Mill City Museum is a great place to visit and an important piece of the redevelopment of the Minneapolis Riverfront. With the new Guthrie Theater slated for a Spring 2006 opening, it makes for a very exciting time to be an Urban Studies Major at the University of Minnesota. I strongly recommend that if you haven’t been to the museum that you go and experience it for yourself, but be sure to take the guided tour and the interactive flour tour ride.

The rest of the night, Kristen and I ordered some Pizza form Papa Johns, Rented some movies from Blockbuster including Lord of War with Nicholas Cage and Mad Hot Ballroom, and watched Animal House. Lord of War suprised me, I thought it would be the typical run of the mill Nick Cage movie but it was more like the movie Blow in where we see the life of a dealer in illegal activities meet his downfall when all the people in his world start to get hurt and be put in situations that the character never thought would happen. Mad Hot Ballroom was a feel good movie and Animal House is a classic movie that turns out everybody has seen except for me. It was high hilarity and a great movie to finish the night with.

Also a note, Happy Birthday to Megan W, who will be turning 20 tomorrow. Still a youngin' in the group but she’ll be 21 before she knows it. Also congratulations to both Kevin and Megan on their 1-year together, which they celebrated tonight. All of us here at the house on Lindig are extremely happy for them.

That should do it for tonight, tomorrow the plan is to put the nose to the grind stone and work on some reading. Maybe a trip to the royal would be in order or simply curling up on the couch for some well needed reading and nappage.

Gnight Everybody, see u on the flip side

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Thanks a lot Drew!!! It was a wonderful day!