Friday, July 03, 2009

Too Perfect of a Horoscope

From Today's, July 3rd 2009, Variety A&E Section of the Minneapolis Star Tribune:

"Usually when you fill your life with activities, you feel more vividly in sync with the universe. But right now, the opposite will be effective. Doing nothing and doing it well will elevate your consciousness"

Its not often that the horoscope nails you to a T :-D

In this economy, I have been unemployed now for roughly 8 months. I have not worked as hard as many others have been attempting to secure stable employment; but I do have a plan. I was recently accepted for the fall semester @ Metropolitan State University and plan on pursuing a second degree in Accounting.

This will sound cliche, we must all keep our collected heads up and be ready for the rebound to strike with innovation and drive that generations of Americans are known for through out history.

Have a great Fourth of July!