Wednesday, January 25, 2006

We Made Soup!!!

Last night, Kristen came over for dinner and the two of us made Chicken and Wild Rice Soup from my new Rachel Ray cookbook. I had picked up the necessary ingredients a few nights ahead of time so that we had everything we needed.

The two of us tore into the recipe book checking over ingredients and making sure we followed the instructions. This dish allowed me to use my Food Processor for the first time. What a nifty little tool!! It chopped up all of the onions, Garlic, dill, parsley, and every other ingredient that had chopped next to it in the recipe. Frank and Megan had used it the night before for their dish and Frank told me that it made chopping veggies a lot easier though you had to be careful not to accidentally purée the vegetables.

From start the finish the meal took about an hour including clean up. The result was a delicious soup with chicken, vegetables, and tons of spices to make one heck of wild rice recipe. We tweaked the recipe just a bit for future references by suggesting adding more carrots and more celery to compensate for the 2-pounds of chicken that the recipe called for.

After dinner, the two of us relaxed in the living room and read our studies for the next day. Last night everybody was gone and we had the entire house to ourselves so it was the perfect environment for quiet studying without having to go to the libraries.

I hope that Kristen and I can make this thing of making dinner together a weekly thing on Tuesday nights. That way, we’ll not only have stuff for the two of us, but probably enough leftovers for the other roommates or for me to enjoy later in the week.

That should do it for this post, if anyone has any neat dinner ideas for couples, let me know, Kristen and I would love to try them out and hear about what other couples out there in the world of Bloggerdome are cooking for each other.


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