Monday, January 02, 2006

Duluth Day 1-The Drive

Today, Kristen and I made the drive from Minneapolis to Duluth. We left the Twin Cities after stopping at Caribou Coffee in Roseville and then picking up Bruegger's Bagels for breakfast. The drive was really easy, and we only stopped once or twice for gas and bathroom stops.

We arrived at our hotel at about 2:45 PM, and decided to see if we could check in early. Our original check in time was set for 3:00 PM, but with the lack of people at the hotel, they didn’t seem to mind letting us check in early. After settling in to our room, Kristen and I began looking at travel guides and we talked to one of our friends Erik over IM asking him where to eat and what to see.

After deciding on dinner, Kristen and I decided to check out the pool and the hot tub. The pool was nice, however, it was rather cold in my opinion so we jumped over to the hot top after being in the pool for only a few minutes. The hot tub was very relaxing and much needed,

We cleaned up by running through the shower, got dressed, and headed to downtown Duluth for dinner. Erik had recommended Sammy’s Pizza as a great place with some of the best pizza in town. It was very tasty, but I think the next time we’ll be getting the deep dish crust.

After dinner we settled into an evening of channel surfing, relaxing, and preparing for tomorrow. The plan for tomorrow is to check out the Depot in Downtown Duluth, which houses the famous train museum. I am very excited, but I will tell all about it tomorrow.

Until then, gnight!!



Erik said...

I truly rule at reccomendations.

Kristen said...

Sammy's Pizza was very delicious! Plus I had great company too :D