Friday, January 13, 2006

What I could really use… A Jet Bike

For the past week, I have been working from 8-4 at Minitex at the University of Minnesota Elmer Anderson Library. Kristen has been staying the night at our place on Lindig and in the morning the two of us wake up, drive to her apartment off of Franklin Avenue, and walk to work together. It has been really nice to have the KU spend the night and get a ride into campus as well.

The week before I was working 10-4. This involved waking up around 8:30-9:00 and catching the #87 bus at Larpanteur and Lindig around 9:30 AM. From there you either transfer to the Campus Connectors at the St. Paul Student Center or you continue to Como and Cleveland to transfer to the #3 bus all the way to Minneapolis and the West Bank.

There are two buses that offer service to Roseville/Falcon Heights. These are the #87 and the #61 buses. The #87 is a North South-route that runs from Roseville/Rosedale Center to downtown St. Paul. Meanwhile, the #61 serves both Minneapolis and St. Paul via Hennepin Avenue that turns into Larpanteur. The drawback of both of these bus lines is the frequency of their service, one every 30 minutes. 30 MINUTES COME ON!!!!!!! This is not forgiving at all, especially with the #87. If you miss it, then you have to wait. Later in the day I think the #87 switches to coming every hour and so your best chance is to be there on time, walk, bike, or invent a Jet Bike.

A jet bike I could park near the bus stop and have a camouflage system so that no one can take my jet bike. If anyone has recently seen the movie The Island with Ewan McGregor where they have these little jet bikes cruising around downtown Los Angeles smashing into trams in the sky. I don’t know when these would be invented, but if hover technology is ever perfected, you know Sea-Doo and Artic Cat would jump on the new technology or perhaps a new company would utilize this new form of transportation.

Imagine cruising over the snow in the winter when it’s too deep for a snowmobile, or being able to fly your jet bike around town and land at small community airports. Of course because of 9/11 the government would create stricter “no fly zones” around cities and communities or that these jet bikes had to stay below a certain altitude as to avoid commercial airlines.
I will try to find a pick from that movie and post it with this blog so that people know what I am talking about. Hopefully my aero science engineer friend Erik can get to work on making this fantasy a reality.

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