Monday, January 23, 2006

I Can’t Take This @#$% Anymore

I think I am becoming more and more like my dad as I get older. While I resemble my Mother’s side of the family physically, a lot of my temperaments resemble that of my Father. This suggests to me that I may become more prone to Migraines as I get older. My Dad has a distinct vision when he first gets a migraine; it’s a troll chasing him down a long hall way carrying a spike and a club and no matter how fast you run that troll catches you and starts driving that spike right into your eye. This evening I had that happen to me.

I thought that I had a pretty good day, stressful but good. I arrived on campus around 7:30 AM having caught the 87 and then transferring to the 3 at Como and Cleveland Avenue. I even got to campus early enough to see Kristen and give her a couple smooches on the cheek before she headed off to the St. Paul Campus. I got to my 8 Am on time and got a great seat for Professor Adam’s lecture in American Cities II. Made it to Persuasion Theories over at Ford Hall and was able to get my comfy chair in the corner. I even got to eat some Chipotle for Lunch which I haven’t had in a while; it was a nice lunch before heading off to Minitex. Work was ok, I was able to get off at 4 due to the amount of help that we had in the evening. Needing a recharge I hoped on the 3 and went to the Royal for a cup of coffee and to prepare for my first night class of the semester.

At the Royal I got a medium Peanut Butter Mocha with whipped cream and it was one of the best drinks that I have ever had and gave me the boost that I needed for my 6-8:30 class on Private Sector Development. My Professor Warren Hanson is awesome, but this class is going to be a great challenge but after tonight I think I am up to it. I made a mistake by drinking too much coffee and water, and by the time or break for class came at 7:30 PM I thought I was going to be peeing blood or that my kidneys would have simply exploded. Having relieved myself, I talked to the professor about my small internship with TLC that sparked his interest and I explained to him that Transportation Infrastructure and the market for TOD here in the Twin Cities was one of the reasons for taking his class.

Class finished up at 8:30 PM and I headed outside of Blegan Hall in the hopes of catching a Campus Connector home. No luck. I waited and waited along with others freezing our butts off, and then decided to hop on a 3 that had pulled up down at the Anderson Hall bus stop. I rode the three and was listening to my Ipod when I reached Eustis and decided to give it a shot walking up Eustis to Larpenteur and seeing if I could catch a 61 to Lindig or give the bro a call and see if he could give me a lift home. After a hard day of being on campus all day, I didn’t like the prospect of walking the whole way but I could do it if I had to. I called Frank, and he told me that he was elbow deep in Cookie Dough and that he couldn’t come and get me with the little yellow car. I also asked him if he had saved any of the dishes that he and Megan had made for dinner tonight and how had it turned out. Frank told me that all was left was rice. With that I said goodbye and threw the earbuds back into my ears and walked up Eustis and then down Larpenteur in the hopes that a 61 would come up the hill and stop along the way for me. All I saw were cars and more cars and a police officer who wouldn’t give me a ride, but would pull someone over if they were going too fast.

John Denver’s Country Roads got me home the rest of the way and I found myself singing along as my feet moved up and down the sidewalk towards home. When I got home I stepped through the door, took off my shoes, proceeded downstairs and changed my shirt, hung up my coat upstairs and ate a bowl of cereal not acknowledging anyone except for the occasional hello. I was tired and hungry, cold and wet and not in the mood for anybody’s sarcasm.

I think I got the angriest, when Kristen called me and told me that she wouldn’t be joining me tomorrow for dinner at the house. I was really disappointed and it made me sad. I had picked out a recipe form the cookbook that I had gotten for Christmas and thought that it would have been great for Kristen and I to try when everyone else was at work or at class and we would have the place to ourselves for cooking and then studying. When Kristen called I had just eaten my bowl of cereal and I didn’t really have much of a chance to calm down so I reacted with anger because the plans that I had made with Kristen were falling apart and the good day that I thought I had just got worse. I don’t like being put into situations that I am not prepared for or when I lose control. I also had to do some reading to do for tomorrow as well as an eye appointment at Como that I have to wake up for so I told Kristen that I would talk to her about it tomorrow and she could think it over.

Around 10:00 she left me a voicemail explaining herself on her actions and apologizing. This made me feel even worse and then the negative self talk started coming like “you’re a jerk for getting mad like that”, and “what the @#$% is the matter with you, that girl works hard as it is and she doesn’t have to drop everything to be with you, I mean she did spend the entire weekend with you for Christ’s sake” and that’s when I really started to get frustrated.

And so here I am, writing my thoughts about the day, trying to think of what I am going to do tomorrow. I think I’ll still make that dish I was planning, but it’s not going to taste as good without my Kristen with me. I know she isn’t like the Megan’s of A and W, but she is my Kristen and at least one night during the week wouldn’t have hurt her. She could have gotten her things done here, I could have made the two of us some tea or coffee and put on some nice music for reading and I could have caught up on my reading. Oh well, we’ll see how tomorrow goes. Eye Exam, Class from 12:45-2:00 PM. Then I think I am going to go home and work on some schoolwork before getting set for dinner. It will be all me tomorrow, because Pete will be at Work, Frank will be in Red Wing and Kevin will be at Culinary School. So it will be just the Caboose without any other engines.

For Kristen, I am sorry for being disappointed it’s just that I was really looking forward to this. If you change your mind let me know, but I will respect your decision if you decide to go to the library and back to your apartment for dinner.

I love you, Andrew

To the rest of Bloggerdome, feel free to leave some comments. There is no harm in leaving comments as long as they relate to the post that you are commenting on, no weird random #$%^ ok. That goes double for you Megan W!!! If you’re going to make a comment have it make sense in relation to the $%^ing post!!!!

Ye be warned Pirates



Kristen said...

I love you

Crazy Cat Sweatshirt Lady said...

I did I was expressing my excitement for you to be starting you Humphrey class. The institute is such a great with wonderful faculty and staff members, that was all.