Saturday, January 14, 2006

Duluth Again…No Really

The KU and I have once again made the journey from Minneapolis to the barren tundra known as Duluth, Minnesota. This time we are staying at our roommate’s “cabin” near Hibbing about an hour north of Cloquet.

Kevin invited all of us for a weekend get away at his parent’s cabin before school starts on Tuesday. The drive was the same as the last time for most of the way. Kristen often found ourselves saying “weren’t we here a week ago?” or “Man, this sure looks familiar”. Megan, Frank, Kristen, and myself all piled into the “little yellow car” AKA the Mazda Protégé 5 for the drive from St. Paul to Duluth. Frank and I provided most of the entertainment along the drive including Frank pulling away from our gas station and food stop in Hinckley without me and me having to chase down the car, throw open the door, and jump in all the while hanging onto my Sobe. At another point during the drive, I had a laugh attack much to the amusement of Kristen, Frank, and myself.

We made it to Kevin’s cabin around 10:00 PM and were greeted by Kevin’s two dogs and Kevin. We were introduced to Kevin’s parents Tom and Shelly (I hope this is correct) who quickly supplied us with delicious wine of both red and white variety and gave a tour of the finished cabin as well as the work in progress in the basement. They have a very lovely second home with Tamarack panels and heated tile flooring for starters as well as a nice loft overlooking the main level. The cabin also goes down pretty far, in fact, I had to ask Tom if I was going down into a bomb shelter that he had disguised as a cabin.
Kevin and his Dad gave us quite a bit of information on the energy efficiencies of this house and informed us that it was one of the most energy efficient houses in the state due to some of the engineering technologies that I could not even begin to describe after being only told once. After the tour, we all settled in to chitchatting and consuming more wine. Kevin’s Dad and I hit off talking about trains and the potential of LRT in Downtown Duluth as well as a high-speed rail connection between Minneapolis/St.Paul and Duluth. I also told him about my studies at the University of Minnesota and how I hoped to one day be an Urban/Regional Planner or work for Bombardier.

Once the conversations had dwindled Frank, Kevin, and I decided to jump in the hot tub that we all had heard so much about at Berry Place and at Lindig. Let me tell you, it was fabulous. So warm and relaxing and yet you could let yourself cool off just by sitting up and then get warm again immersing yourself in the jets.

After we got out the ladies decided to do a little hot tubing and then around 2 Am we all decided to get ready for bed and hit the sack. Don’t know what we have in store for tomorrow, but I will be sure to write about it when the day is through.

Until next time,

It’s great to be back in Duluth and Goodnight


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