Wednesday, June 28, 2006

2 Days Till Cabin Party V…Lot’s of Preparation Still to Go

Cabin Party V starts on Friday!! Kristen and I will be driving up Friday morning with most of the stuff, and finish any of the remaining prep work. The folks are already at the cabin enjoying the great weather, which should stay through the 4th. Hopefully having the folks at the lake will reduce the amount of prep work for Kristen and I.

This evening, Frank and I are making a run to Costco in St. Louis Park, to pick up the majority of the food. Also tonight I need to make a run to Target to pick up Mosquito refill packs for the lanterns, another collapsible lawn chair, and possibly a run to Festival tomorrow morning for snacks.

My folks headed up on Tuesday afternoon. They got to the lake a little before seven after stopping in Detroit Lakes for some last minute supplies at the grocery store. They took the Richwood Road that runs through White Earth before getting to highway 113. Right now, the stretch of road near White Earth is being rerouted, and the road has been dug down to the roadbed, making motorists take a detour down a dirt road to get through White Earth. Already there is a large crowd gathering at the lake and probably more are to come including our expected 20-25 guests in attendance of Cabin Party V.

Last Saturday, Franky J and I made a quick trip into the depths of Wisconsin to pick up some entertainment from Phantom Fireworks. We weren’t alone, almost all of the cars in the lot were of people from Minnesota and the store was packed to the rafters with people and explosives. We mostly got rockets and an assortment pack that we can shoot off along with the rest of the lake on the 4th.

Tomorrow, I am picking up Kristen after work at the Employment Center of the State Fair, from there we are heading back to the BP, packing and making a caramel popcorn recipe from Kristen’s family to share with all the quests or just eat ourselves :-D.

2 Days to go, and still a lot left to do but we should be able to get it all done on time, Wish us Luck!!

Until next time, here’s to fun in the sun at Tulaby Lake…


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Kristen said...

Yay for cabin parties!