Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Time to Recover

A Happy Fourth of July to all of those out there in the Blogosphere and to our nation’s 233rd birthday. This weekend was one of the best of the summer with the culmination of the 5th annual Tulaby Lake Cabin Party, which many of our friends had been anticipating.

Friday, Kristen and I woke up, got all packed up, and were able to leave the BP by 10:00 AM exactly. We took Highway 10 all the way to Detroit Lakes to pick up some extra supplies for the weekend at the new Central Market, and then took the Richwood Road to County Road 21 and then onto Highway 113 to the cabin. We got there at about 2:30 – 3:00 ish in the afternoon and enjoyed having the cabin to ourselves for a couple of hours. The first guests to arrive were Mike and Betsy followed a few hours later by Kevin and Megan W code name for the weekend “Dubs” that I flagged down on Highway 113 at the turn after they got lost on Tulaby Lake road. The 3 Million-halogen bulb flashlight that Kristen’s dad Dave gave me for Christmas sure came in handy. Frank and Megan A, code name “Tex” for the weekend but otherwise known as Megsy and Megatron showed up moments later, quickly followed by Ta and Stonehands. The rest of the night consisted of making frozen pizzas, enjoying the fire that Kristen and I built earlier, and lots and lots of drinking. Lastly, Brent and Jenny Messer arrived after an 8-hour drive from Madison. Most of the commotion ended by about 3:30, and people were asleep or in bed by 4:00 AM.

Saturday morning Frank and Megan made Egg Sandwiches for everybody, Kristen and I inflated the Paradise floater, and the craziness of the day began. People did some water skiing, played some water badminton, Nick Adams gave rides to all the girls on his cousin’s jet ski, played some hardcore Volleyball, and had a good lunch consisting of brats and hotdogs along with chips and dips and of course quality beer including my favorite the Lienies Sunset Wheat their summer beer. For dinner, Kevin prepared Steak and Chicken Kabobs with Red and Green Peppers, Onions, and fresh tomatoes served along side Potato Salad from Costco.

Sunday, most of the guests headed for home after Franky J made French toast for breakfast/brunch while the rest of us watched The Incredibles and drank coffee or orange juice. Sunday was a very relaxing day; however, Ta and Stonehands had a very cool adventure with the canoe that they attempted to take to McCraney Lake, but were thwarted by a large beaver dam that forced them to turn back. Sunday night, we blew off most of the fireworks that Frank had picked up at Phantom, as well as most of the other people around the lake. Frank and I agreed that next year we are getting our hands on some mortars.

Monday consisted of waking up, cleaning the cabin, and then making the long drive home back to the Twin Cities. Kristen and I drove Highway 113 all the way to Highway 71, instead of taking the Two Inlets Road as I usually do, then picked up Highway 10 in Wadena and stopped in Staples for gas and lunch at the DQ. Kristen and I had talked about staying until Tuesday the 4th; however, we knew that traffic would be insane with most people having the day off, and people wanting to enjoy festivities down in the cities.

For the 4th, today, all of us went down to Canon Falls to visit with the relatives. Kristen brought down her Polish Golf set, that was a real hit at the lake, and Frank, My cousin Matt, and Kristen played a few rounds before eating some lunch and heading back to the cities.

Whew, what a lengthy post. The Cabin Party V was a great success, and we have added a few more people to the list of VTC or Veteran’s of Tulaby Cabin. The next few days I’ll spend trying to recover and get back into “normal” sleeping habits before heading back up again to do window and siding replacement on the cabin with my Dad. Then on the weekend of the 13th, Kristen’s family is having their Lake Lot Party on Big Deep Lake near Hackensack; I am really looking forward to this.

Until next time,

The Caboose

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It was a very fun weekend!