Monday, June 12, 2006

A Short Summer Update…

…maybe not. Well, we’re about two-three weeks into June and a lot has happened already this summer:

• Frank and I successfully moved out of the house @ Lindig and back into our folks’ house in the BP. We now await the return of our security deposits that should be coming (hopefully) shortly.
• I, with the help of my Mom and Franky J, cleaned up and organized the basement living room storing most of our junk, bringing “the Beast” (My PC) down and setting up a nice workstation for the living room, and hooking up and putting away most of the videogame systems and games.
• Kristen and I have made a couple of trips to the Wambach Tulaby Cabin with the folks (see previous posts). Built fires, watched Sopranos, tried our hand at some fishing, and enjoyed some tasty food.
• Kristen and I were able to catch a number of the summer blockbusters: Mission Impossible III, Over The Hedge (great family comedy), The Da Vinci Code with Tom Hanks, The Omen (son of the devil kills parents and rises to take over the world) which made me ask Kristen if I had to start going to Church, and recently the latest Pixar creation Cars staring Owen Wilson. Next we hope to catch A Prairie Home Companion.

Last week I had an interview with the Executive Director of the District Councils Collaborative of Saint Paul about a possible internship for this summer working with organizations involved with planning for the Central Corridor LRT line (a topic I haven’t written about in a while). However, the organization is relatively new to the scene and while they would like to have interns to help with research, the prospects are rather slim. I may do some free lance researching this summer, particularly about the planning that goes into station designs. For example, do designs exist already, do they have community comments on them, are there firms that exist in the corridor that could bid the project, could the resources of colleges in the corridor both private and public be used in the form of internships or grants, etc.
But I digress. The rest of the summer will be spent hopefully doing projects at the cabin helping out the Dad, getting set for Cabin Party V, exercising as much as I can, then flying out to Norway.
I’m glad to see that Erik or captain spaceman is still updating his blog, would like to know what everyone else’s summer is like, I know a few people are in other states for the summer, Facebook does a good job of keeping people informed I suppose.
Hopefully I’ll have a better topic for the next post, then again, Bloging seems to be losing its interest once again.

Until next time,


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Kristen said...

In addition to your list of things to do this summer: spend as much time with the KU as possible. :-D