Friday, December 30, 2005

Now that’s over with…oh wait.

Christmas came and now its another 365 days until the craziness starts all over again. I had a very good Christmas this year and got most of the things on my list. Visiting with both sides of the family was great. Christmas Eve, Frank and I got back from Madison and the two of us headed over to my Grandma’s house in Brooklyn Park for Roast Beef and Cranberry Cake with butter sauce. After dinner, we unwrapped some presents and then proceeded to the folks’ house where we unwrapped some more presents.

Christmas Day, we made the traditional trip to Cannon Falls Minnesota for a visit with my Grandpa F.B. and relatives on the Dad’s side of the family. It was great catching up with my uncle Bill and my aunt Karen, and enjoying some delicious Ham, Turkey, Mashed Potatoes, and some awesome Christmas Cookies for desert.

Since then I have been trying to work as much as I can at Minitex and make some money over the break. I have been having some trouble trying to get up on time for work in the morning but maybe if I started going to bed on time this wouldn’t be an issue.

I am also trying to visit with friends and take the necessary steps for my study abroad in Norway next fall. I hope I can use Frank’s presents on how to speak Norwegian and the lonely planet guide to Norway. These two books will come in handy with having to learn the language and some great places to see when I am in the country.

Spring Semester starts on the 17th of January, so I have a few weeks to get some things figured out. After New years, Kristen and I are heading up to Duluth for a small getaway for the week. We plan on doing some skiing at Spirit Mountain, a little touring of Duluth, and some general R & R. I wish we could have done something more extravagant, but being that we are only college students with not a lot of money, it is rather difficult to do anything overly extravagant. Hopefully we can do something fun and exciting for Spring Break. If anyone out there in the world of Bloggerdome or the U has any great suggestions for Spring Break other than Mexico, let me know.

That should do it for this post. Hope everyone has a safe and wonderful New Year celebration. Drink, Be Happy, Drink some more!!!

See you all in 2006


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Kristen said...

oooo, spring break! Yes yes! Let's go somewhere extravagent!