Friday, December 23, 2005

Holy Holidazzle Kristen!!!

This evening, Kristen and I took a packed train from the Franklin Avenue Station to the Nicollet Mall station in downtown Minneapolis for the annual Holidazzle parade. Before the parade, we had a nice walk from the station to Pings on South Nicollet Avenue. Along the way, we passed the WCCO News station and waved at the Anchors during their commercial break, they waved back smiling. Kristen said they waved back because I had a hot girlfriend.

Dinner was fantastic. We started out the meal with their szechuan wontons. They were stuffed with chicken instead of the usual cream cheese variety and were not as heavily deep fat fried as wontons from other Chinese eateries. For the main course, we had their signature walnut shrimp dish. It was the perfect amount of food for the two of us.

With our bellies full, we quickly headed back up the Nicollet Mall and found a spot to watch the parade. It was the perfect night for a parade, not too cold, not too windy. The weather was very cooperative. All day today the temperature was above 30 at least and the wind only picked up a little at the start of the parade. The parade itself was predictable but enjoyable. It would have been more fun if at the end of the parade fireworks or laser lights would shoot out of the IDS tower or the top of the 226 South Sixth Tower. This would make our holiday celebration comparable to Times Square at New Years at least in excitement.

With Saint Nick himself ending the parade, Kristen and I made our way to the downtown Marshall Fields to check out the 8th floor display of Cinderella or possibly do some shopping before heading back to the station and Kristen’s apartment. On our way to Marshall Fields, we passed a bunch of young kids standing on a statue watching the parade. At the same time, Santa’s float was keeping pace with us and as we passed the group of kids we heard one of them shout out, “Nobody likes you Santa!!” Both Kristen and I had to do a double take and I swear I saw a kid standing next to the unbeliever with his mouth hanging open. How can kids hate Santa?? Everybody loves Santa!!

Either way, we made it to Marshall Fields and started heading up the escalators towards the 8th floor. We got to the 4th floor when we noticed the huge line for this display and decided to bail out and not wait. The two of us decided to head down to the lower level and look for some dessert and possible ideas for last minute Christmas presents. However, the Ku and I didn’t last very long in Marshall Fields. The price for their ice cream was way overpriced for their selection of flavors and the amount of their servings. You can get a way better deal on ice cream and have better quality at places like Cold Stone or the Grand Old Creamery on Grand Avenue. Plus, Marshall Fields was way to crowded with kids running wild and parents in need of a drink.

We headed towards the Nicollet Mall LRT station to catch a train back to Franklin Avenue and Kristen’s apartment. The Southbound platform was packed with people. The train overshot us and we were forced to run to the front of the back train, which filled very quickly with parade attendees, parents with strollers and little children, and regular LRT riders. As you can see from this photo below, the train was quite filled.

Kristen and I made it back to Kristen’s apartment after a quick walk down Franklin Avenue. We snuggled for a while and Frank picked me up later. Tomorrow Kristen is venturing out to the MOA to do her Christmas Shopping. I wish her the best of luck in finding presents for everyone. I will also be doing some last minute shopping myself but more importantly sleeping in because NO WORK TOMORROW!!!! Minitex offices at the University of Minnesota are closed tomorrow and the 26th of December.

Tomorrow night, Franky J (my brother) and I are heading out to Wisconsin to visit Meghan and her family. Megatron’s (her nickname) birthday is Christmas Eve and Frank thought it would be great to visit her and her family on her Birthday.

Kristen and I will have our Christmas on the 26th. I am looking forward to the holiday with all the food, family, and presents. The adventure with Frank should be fun; it has been a while since the two of us have had a road trip together.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays Bloggerdome.

I hope you were all good this year, because as the saying goes: “Santa Claus is coming to town!!!”

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Kristen said...

Dennis Douda (the WCCO anchor who waved at me) called me last night. He totally was like "Kristen, you are the hottest thing ever. Come down to the station and I will show you around." That's right. ;)


Have a great Christmas Andrew!
Love you!