Thursday, December 08, 2005

The final stretch

Next week will mark the end of classes for the University of Minnesota and the end of the fall semester for my third year here at the U. I, like many other students, cannot wait for Winter Break and the potential of spring semester. This weekend will be the final push. Tuesday the 13th will be the worst day with two presentations both in Geography courses but different topics. One will be on the Central Corridor and the work I did with Transit for Livable Communities and the other will be on the Midtown Greenway project in Minneapolis that I studied for my perspectives on planning course.
So far I have had a pretty good week. The week started out with a rush to finish the CSL journals and the individual paper for the CSL project. My journals ended up having a length of about 19 pages, while the individual paper ranked in at 5 pages. The final project was all due at the beginning of class on Tuesday. I spent the better part of Monday night frantically putting the finishing touches on the reports and then heading to bed around 3:00 AM. This has become my falling asleep time, though if you look at the post time, it will read 4:30 Am by the time I am done. Tuesday I handed in my project, however, my group member had not finished his journals or his individual paper on time, however, it seemed that a lot of people hadn’t finished there projects on time. What a disorganized class. I swear the TA’s in 3371 haven’t a clue to what is going on. Judy knows her stuff I will giver that, but the other TA I am not even going to talk about because he may read this (unlikely but still) and I don’t want to upset anybody.
I also had an exam on Tuesday in my perspectives on planning course and I feel that it went pretty well for not having any of the questions that I prepared for on the exam. However, some of the material that I had covered related to the questions that were asked, and so I did my best to answer the questions with the material I had.
I missed LOST tonight, hopefully I can get a chance to watch it tomorrow night, and lord knows there is nothing on TV Thursday nights.
Hopefully I will have a chance to have some fun this weekend, though prospects look grim with work still to be done on presentations and rehearing them as well as requirements in statistics. I just hope that I pass that class, the stuff they have us doing with this Rweb programming makes no sense and would be much nicer if we were using programs such as SPSS that all involve drop down menus or even Excel. But no, instead we are to learn programming code from a TA who rattles them off a million miles per hour and is surprised when we ask him to repeat stuff.
I swear, I am never taking another stats class after this one, anything else I need they will have to teach me on the job or I will teach myself. I am debating about learning how to master Excel and possibly teach myself the program over the summer.
Since it is winter, it would sure be nice if it snowed more often. Sure its freaking cold out, but that just means it gets really cold at night (currently 9 degrees outside and 59 inside) and only to about 30 degrees during the day, wait not even that, today the high was somewhere in the teens.
Now I am just rambling, time to get this blog posted.

Good luck to everyone on their projects and finals next week


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