Thursday, November 03, 2005

This one goes out to the KU:

Me and The Hassle at Meghan H's 21 first Bday Party

Kristen, also known as the Hassle from Dassel, is probably one of the greatest girls in the state of Minnesota if not the entire country. Why one might ask?? Well for starters she is dating me (I know huge ego right here). Besides that fact, this girl is smart, cute, funny, very attractive, and at the core as goofy as I am. When the two of us first started dating, it was my Dad and my brother Frank who noticed how good we were for each other by the way we acted around each other, especially in how we told stories. Before Kristen and I could even get to the punch line or funny part of the story we were already rolling on the floor cackling like mad men.

Another feature is the amount of hard work this girl does. She is a full time student and works as many hours as she can at the grad school. This summer, the Ku and I were working at the State Fair. Kristen worked both in the morning for the Employment Center and in the evening at the Adventure Park Ticket Sales with me until Midnight for every day of the fair. Now that’s tough. Plus with all the hours and amount of work that she had to do, at the end of the day she still had to put up with me, and I’m as much of a hassle as she is. This girls work ethic is one of the things I find very desirable, she doesn’t quit under pressure and comes thru in the clutch.

The reason I am writing this, is to let Kristen know how much I love her. Many times I have said to my friends and family “I am going to marry that girl someday”. The truth is, I really mean it. It’s really hard to not see her everyday. It was nice during the summer, when we were working together and we were living relatively close to each other. Unfortunately with the pressures of schools of due dates and exams and neither of us having access to reliable transportation, we are not able to see each other as much as we used to. At sometimes it has almost torn us apart trying to coup with the fact that we are relatively not that far in terms of distance yet not able to see each other. However, I feel that this challenge has been good for us and that if we can survive this then we become even closer in our relationship.

Kristen and I have been together for 1 year and 7 months (November 4th!!), and I couldn’t be happier. Thank you Kristen for loving me, and allowing me to love you.

To quote Stevie Wonder: “Signed, Sealed, Delivered, I am yours!!”

BTW- Our song is “I want to hold your hand” by the Beatles, I’ll have to save the origin tale for another night.
Good night Ladies and Gentleman, and to the KU See you in Dreamland!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Kristen said...

This will always bring a smile to my face :D

Erik said...


And by the way, the word "sex" is in my word verification.