Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Time to invest in some traps…

Tonight I killed my second mouse. I heard the signature sound of a mouse scratching on the screen and knew immediately that something was up. So without hesitation I began searching the four windows in my bedroom and sure enough I found one attempting to climb its way in just as the other one had a few weeks ago only in a different window. Having located the mouse, I grabbed my trusty fireplace shovel and flashlight, threw on my hoody and headed outside to deliver the killer blow.

This mouse was an almost exact copy of the mouse I killed a few weeks ago. This suggests that we have a nest on our hands or the potential establishment of a nest in progress at the house on Lindig. The next time I am at Target I will have to invest in some mouse traps and put them around my bedroom windows. I think I should bait them with Peanut Butter, but Cheese works great as well. If anybody has any suggestions for baiting mice I would be glad to hear some. This isn’t very surprising really, as the temperature gets colder the mice are going to double their efforts to come inside and snuggle up with us where it is nice and warm and they have an unlimited food supply at their disposal. This is where I come in, to thwart their advances.

I should probably call my land lady about the screen which still needs to be fixed due to the last mouse. Oh well, two mice down, unknown numbers to go.

Until next time,
Good Night


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Kristen said...

I just think the mice love you :D