Monday, November 28, 2005

So what do you want for Christmas?

The Holiday season is finally upon us. The adventure in consumerism began, as usual, the day after Thanksgiving. I myself did not partake in the frenzy of holiday shopping, however, I did enjoy the extended weekend. Having a 4-day break from the University of Minnesota was much needed.
Thanksgiving was great. This was the first Thanksgiving that the Kristen and I got to enjoy together and Kristen’s first holiday with the Wambach clan. I hope she had a great time and that us Wambach’s weren’t too intimidating. For dinner we had a 22-pound Turkey, a 19-pound Ham( I think), Stuffing, and several kinds of mashed potatoes. For desert we enjoyed both Pumpkin and Pecan Pie.
Friday Frank and I ran a few errands, and the three of us made Pancakes and Bacon for brunch. Kristen and I took care of the bacon while frank made his signature buttermilk pancake recipe. While we ate, we all caught up on episodes of our favorite show LOST on ABC. Kristen does not own a TV at her apartment and hasn’t been able to watch any of the episodes on live TV. She is only able to watch the episodes when she comes over to our place. Speaking of TV, this fall has been pretty decent. With the Amazing Race Family Edition on Tuesday nights, and Lost on Wednesday nights things are pretty good. However, my favorite show Battlestar Galactica on SCI-FI doesn’t begin airing again until January. Fortunately, Season 2 will be released just before Christmas.
Suffice to say the rest of the weekend was very relaxing and enjoyable. I was able to get some work done, though not as much as I could have. This weekend I also made my Christmas list. I had been putting it off as of late, because I wasn’t really sure on what I want. It’s funny how your list of things for Christmas changes as you age. When I was younger all I wanted were toys or video games. Now that I am older I find myself asking for things I really need. For example, more dress socks. Clothes and Kitchen stuff. These are things that I thought I would never ask for when I was younger. I also notice that the price of gifts goes up as you get older
I think I made a pretty solid list of things that I need and a few of the extravagant things that I would like to have. I hope that the final stretch of the semester goes well. Things are getting pretty stressful in the terms of deadlines on projects and exams. I am a little worried about Statistics but should be able to pass. I am excited to show Transit for Livable Communities the Power Point presentation I have been working on regarding the Central Corridor for class. I am also pleased with the work I did for my individual paper in Geography 3605 on the Midtown Greenway and I hope I get a good grade on it. Because in that class, I need it.
To close, I ask my readers, if there are any out there anymore…What do you want for Christmas? That new Ipod Nano? The latest Family Guy DVD? An Armadillo? Anything and everything let me know. It would be nice to here what is going on in the world of Bloggerdome

Until next time,

P.S Happy Shopping out there.


Kristen said...

I for one would like a box of truffles that I can drink with some A&W root beer. That would be very nice. :D

peteketcham said...

you should set up your wishlist at It's what I did, although I have little.

Kristen said...

hey drew, you need to log into your blog and change it so anonymous people can blog. it only allows bloggers to post.