Saturday, September 24, 2011

Sunday, March 27, 2011 - Finding Local Places with the help of Yelp!

What a fun night last night.  A little cold, windy, but discovered a new place with my cousin Jim for dinner.  With the help of yelp, I found a local place to get quality food for cheap cheap prices: Chikis Pizza.  

I had poured over reviews and what people had posted on the place, so I had a good feeling going in.  We were greeted by the owner Andreas and an empty restaurant, my assumption is that most people in Rogers Park order out from this establishment or have things delivered to their buildings.  We picked out a table and were given ample amounts of water and fresh chips with two tasty sauces of which Jim particularly enjoyed the Green Pesto/Basil/Green based sauce.
Craving a good burger and fries, although their menu encompasses ample choices, I ordered the Blue Cheese Burger and Jim decided upon the Bacon Cheeseburger.  We didn’t have to wait long before the medium sized portions where placed in front of us and embraced the first bite, instantly for me the distinctive abundance of Blue Cheese and bite of hot sauce and a good char of a burger, not over-done and not too pink.  The fries were also freshly prepared and came out piping hot and had the distinctive crunch that restaurant fries should have.  We left the place feeling satisfied and ready to explore other destinations in Rogers Park.

We made our way to the Glenwood Bar over by the Morse Red Line Metro Station.  There was a Black Hawk game on the screens and a spare number of patrons in the bar.  It was confirmed pretty quickly that the Glenwood was a Gay/Mixed bar, with the music from the overhead speakers and the over-all cliental.  But it was a very nice-big bar.  They could use a Dance Floor and maybe another pool-table.  With it being cold we stayed and had a beer or two and after the game was over the channel switched to Ghostbusters being aired on Television.  I found out last night that Ghostbusters is one of Jim’s favorite movies, another thing my cousin and I have in common.
Jim has been very helpful in my first couple of weeks getting adjusted to Rogers Park.  Its almost like a harmonic convergence, that of the thousands of apartments available for rent in the dozens of neighborhoods in the city of Chicago, that I would end up renting an apartment 4 blocks away from him.  When I first moved he asked me jokingly if his parents had sent me here to spy on him.
This has been a very productive weekend.  Technology wise, I am now once again connected to the world of internet video calling through Skype.  Frank Sr. asked me to install it this afternoon so that he could call us from Peru.  Hopefully he will have access to a wi-fi source when he is in Peru.  We also played around with Face Time, another way of video chatting but through Mobile devices.

As I progress through this Spring and Summer I hope to discover more great local places to grab dinner after a long day of work.

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