Saturday, September 24, 2011

Saturday, March 26, 2011

-Note, a lot of these posts will be older; I will have to chronicle my arrival and searching for apartments in another post but for now the posts that follow are what I have written in the past 6-7 months.

Been another long week, and on this Saturday Afternoon it is nice to just be sitting down in my living room enjoying #2 Florida Vs. #8 Butler in the Men’s NCAA Basketball Tournament.  Had some heartbreak last night, The Ohio State was an eliminated in a tough game against Kentucky.
Now Kansas will have to come through and Dominate the remaining field.  This morning I slept until 9:00 AM after getting very little sleep the day before.  Friday began early at 5:40 AM driving out to the NPL office in Dekalb to pick up some supplies for the office; of course it couldn’t be a day without a stroke of bad luck, I missed the merge from I-90 to I-290 that would connect me to I-88 and a straight shot to Dekalb on the Tollway.  Nope, instead I followed I-90 all the way up to Elgin before getting off and bush-whacking across the metro to get to highway 38 and arrived at the Dekalb yard a half hour late!!!!
My boss let me leave early so I could meet up with the technicians from People’s Gas to turn on my stove.  They ended up arriving around 2:30 PM, turned on the gas down in the basement, and then proceeded to turn on the pilot light for the stove.  After lighting the pilot, only one burner decided to light fully, the left rear; and so I was cooking with Gas...sort of.  I will have to call the Management Company and alert them to the problem.
To celebrate my new form of culinary prep, I whipped up some eggs and took the remaining peppers in the refrigerator and threw together an omelet along with a cheese quesadilla.
One burner better than no burner

Quesidillas FTW!!
Feeling thoroughly rested from sleeping in a bit this morning, I woke up and made some coffee, fuddled with my mobil HotSpot on my Palm Pre Plus to listen to some Streaming Radio: Notably WBEZ and Streaming Music from the Current in Minneapolis.  While my coffee was brewing I whipped up some tasty waffles.  Waffles being consumed, I continued listening to the Accidental Billionaires: the Story of Facebook by Ben Mezrich which I had picked up last year but had never gotten to listen to.  Listening to it makes me want to see the Social Network really badly.
Today I ordered some important components from Amazon, a new Gigabyte Cable Modem and Router for when I have internet service installed at the apartment. 

It will be great to be connected to the world once again.

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