Monday, December 11, 2006

Posts of Norway

All the posts from my 4 month Study Abroad in Norway: Starting from the first to the last.
20 posts dating from August 2006 to December, what a ride, most of the pictures are still up on flickr as well as Picasa...For those that missed out on previous posts...enjoy :-D

Some of my favorite photos from Scandinavia:
Stortinget: The Norwegian Parliment
SUST group at Folk Museum
SUST group at the Folk Museum
Globen Arena Stockholm
The Globen Stadion lit up at night
Pulpit Rock/Preikestolen Stavangre Norway

And lastly...
The Oslo T-Bane
Oslo T-Bane

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Misc. stuff from Facebook when I was in Norway:
Activites:NORWAY, hiking, taking the T-Bane to Blindern every Monday-Thursday, taking pictures, making movies, meeting other international students, reading...whew this list got long...Conquering Glaciers, eating Kebabs!, using all variations of the Kroner, being informally taught Norwegian by my flatmates and other SUST members, all a part of STUDY ABROAD!!!

Interests:Scandinavia, European Politics, relationships with the US and the roles the EU will play in the near future, how the US and Minnesota can better ourselves by looking to our Scandinavian and European Bretheren.

-I was cleaning house on Facebook and it was time for some things to be updated, but I didn't want to lose them solution, tack them onto an old post regarding the time I had in Norway.

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