Thursday, September 07, 2006

Updates and Weekend Plans

Andrew's first decent. See more at my flickr site.

Hello everyone,

I have just recently updated the aint Nothin but a Drew thing page. If you look to the right on your screen, you will see a recently added link titled Drew's Homepage this will take you to my .mac account where I have posted two videos and also links back to the blog and flickr photos which have also been updated.

This weekend, the six of us SUST people are making our first trip on our own to Bergen and then onto Stavanger, both cities that are on the West Coast of Norway. Tomorrow morning very early, we are catching an NSB train from Oslo Central Station to Bergen. The trip will take approximatly 6-7 hours total, but is one of the most scenic routes in all of Norway. When we arrive, we will spend two days in Bergen and then fly Norwegian Air to Stavanger where we plan to spend two more days and return home on Monday the 11th in the evening. It should be a very exciting trip and I am looking forward to it, minus the 6:20 AM train (ouch).

I hope to post more next week and hopefully post a video on my .mac of my first hiking trip, which happened yesterday afternoon at Kolsastoppen about a half hour outside of Oslo.

Until next time, wish me luck on the Bergen trip and the hiking in Stavanger, I hope to come back with some great photos!!



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new blog post please. soon. I'm getting sick of having no excuse to avoid school work anymore. Have fun in Dutchland!