Friday, April 28, 2006

Perfect Weather

My Dashboard’s Weather Widget reads 67, but out here in the sun at Northrop Plaza it feels more like 80. With only a week of school left, tension is building for summer to finally arrive. Students from all over campus are outside enjoying the sunshine, girls are coming out of “winter mode”- a great seasonal transition almost to the caliber of the Swallows returning to Capistrano, the bike racks are full, and Spring Jam at the University of Minnesota appears to be in full swing.

Being out in this great weather allows me to escape all of the things that I have to do by next week, however, I don’t really feel the motivation. Having not yet acquired any form of employment/internship for the summer I am not really all interested in school coming to an end. Tomorrow I have my first orientation with HECUA for study abroad in Norway. Hopefully, this will provide me a better understanding of when I need to be in Oslo, where I am going to stay, what I need to bring, who else is participating in the program, how long my summer is really going to be.

Man I need a haircut. The last time I had it trimmed was in February, just a bit after Valentine’s Day. Since then, my hair has returned to its overly curly length and has become quiet a nuisance but tolerable. My mouth is feeling better; it has almost been a week since my Wisdom Teeth were forcefully removed from their resting places. So far the healing has been good, however, Monday night I had a pretty bad fever. Feeling like junk and shivering like crazy, I asked my older brother Frank if he could get me some Ginger ale at the Grocery store. He picked up some for me, and I quickly took my medication and crashed for 14 hours. I woke up at about 12:05 PM on Tuesday, feeling better, and decided that I should probably get to class.

I miss hot coffee in the morning. Since having my Wisdom Teeth out, I have been unable to enjoy I nice warm cup of coffee in the morning or in general for fear of the damage that hot liquids can do to healing wounds (DRY SOCKETS AHHHH). Yesterday I had my first sandwich in a few days, and it wasn’t too hard on the mouth.

A part of me wants this semester to end, however, another part of me wants it to keep going just a little bit longer. I want to redeem myself for the weeks of sleeping in, missing class, doing poorly on assignments, and not taking the opportunity to visit with friends when the opportunity presented itself. I have become a disgrace to 21 year olds around the world by not going out with my friends on a Friday night.

Last week I started going to the gym again, taking things slowly and trying to get back into a rhythm. A major disruption in that rhythm has been the surgery, but I should probably stop using that as an excuse. The beautiful weather has helped raise my spirits in this the second to last week before the end of the term…It’s a few days before May 1st...It’s practically here. The reality of the end of the term is speeding towards campus like a LRV with its breaks out. Hopefully, the majority of the passengers (us) will survive the coming calamity(I think I have used this analogy before…oh well).

Why is it always about trains with you Andrew?
Hey, some people have cats as their thing, some its dogs, or expensive trendy bags, video games, a favorite novel, warhammer, or Norueto (however you spell that), LOST, the list can go on and on. My thing is trains. Deal with it.



Kristen said...


Kristen said...

I like the picture you added.

Erik said...

My little brother Andrew (age 4) is obsessed with trains. He even knows terminology like "buffering up" and "coupling."


Franky J said...

Nice post, enjoyed the construction. How's the mouth feeling at this point?