Sunday, April 02, 2006

Official Comments

...from other dialy readers:
I saw a couple comments in Friday's daily in the Letters to the Editor in response to my letter on Tuesday:
Our priorities
The Senate passed a bill for $990 million to go to state construction, with a hefty portion going toward prestigious University projects.
The University also received $330 million for a biomedical research facility.
Additionally the “U” is pushing for a new stadium partially funded by student fees and there is talk of revamping our recreation center.
Ordinarily, I would be excited about the optimistic changes. Instead, I am worried. We continually hear about the millions needed to improve our building and to make new ones.
What I’m not hearing is what’s being done to improve the conditions inside the buildings and in the classrooms.
The purpose of public universities is to provide a quality education that is available to all citizens, with the hope that this education will give them the means to contribute to society.
The alarming escalation of tuition, additional fees and program cuts are all undermining the fundamental purpose of these public institutions.
To top it off, financial aid cuts are making public education less accessible for many would-be students.
I would like to see a reversal in funding. Let us not be a university that seeks prestige for a great campus and attractive buildings.
Let us receive prestige for our quality education that is available to everyone.

Celeste Finn
University undergraduate

Save time and money
I completely agree with the Central Corridor project the University has not decided to put under its wing.
This is a great opportunity for students to save money and time.
We already have a light-rail system, and the majority of riders enjoy this.
Why not have a system that runs by your campus and can transport you to and from campuses?
It makes sense. Especially since the majority of students live near the Minneapolis and St. Paul campuses, this system can be put into use not only during school hours but rather all the time.

Jacqueline D. Nath
University student

I'll tackle these comments later in the week, but I am glad that people are reading what people are saying and voicing their own opinions, how exciting!!!

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