Friday, March 03, 2006

Take That Phil Krinkie!!

For people who both love and hate (though I think there are more lovers than haters) Light Rail Transit, I think you should read this article… Home on Hiawatha

The article was published in the Metropolitan Council’s Directions newsletter. I’ll admit that the article is biased, however, it is showing that the investment in Hiawatha is paying off; in the form of new housing, new commercial opportunities, exceeding Ridership estimates, and rejuvenating downtown Restaurants. These are all good things if you ask me.

However, I wish that Hiawatha didn’t end at the MOA. Originally it was to continue down Cedar Avenue, but was terminated at the MOA due to funding and site acquisitions for stations. Since it seems that they are willing to add another station in the already existing alignment (cost 2 Million), why not rip out the god awful MOA station, build a more aesthetically pleasing station in between Phase I and Phase II (expansion of MOA in the talks) of the MOA and connect them via Skyway. Then we could extend Hiawatha further south and create even more opportunities for development.

I titled the post “Take That Phil Krinkie” because he was the most outspoken person against the states first LRT line. Numerous times he was cited saying, “no one’s going to ride it, because it doesn’t go anywhere” and that it was a waste of public dollars. Well, Phil, the proof is in the Ridership numbers and in the $$$ being made off of this line. I think even a Republican like yourself can appreciate that. BAM!!!

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