Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Favorite Urban Studies Posts

As an Urban Studies major here at the University of Minnesota, I have a large interest in writing about development in the Twin Cities and Minnesota. Over the time that I have had this blog I've written a lot about this topic and have some personal favorites and without furthur adeu here they are...

Central Corridor

One of my first posts when I first started this blog way back in September 2005

Maglev on University of Minnesota Twin Cities campus

One of my ideas of replacing the Campus Connector system with Maglev transit, I think it would be great, but probably way too expensive

A Commuter Rail Line Named…Northstar

Future Predictions on Urban Development of the Twin Cities

One of my best posts on this topic. Thank you to everyone that wrote in.

That's a good start to the list. Some of my current posts have been pretty good too in my opinion. What was really exciting was being published in the Minnesota Daily. I know most of you in the blogoshphere wouldn't care, but it was cool to see my name in a student newspaper as well as on their website. Plus, i got 25 extra credit points in my persuasion theory class for being published. Hopefully I can have some new topics in the near future, although we are nearing crunch time for Spring Semester. These next coming weeks are going to be crazy, wish me luck.


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