Saturday, February 25, 2006

Powers of Persuasion

I think my skills in persuasion are already starting to improve thanks to this Persuasion Theory class that I am taking here at the University of Minnesota. Take for example the events of Wednesday night. The Sklar brothers were in town as the headliners for a comedy show at Coffman Union. I found out about the show Monday night and decided that I wasn’t going to miss it.

I tried to convince Frank to come, but instead he and Ta went to the Gophers vs. Purdue Basketball Game. On Wednesday evening, Kirsten and I both got off work at 4 and grabbed some sandwiches from Erbs & Gerbs for dinner. After that we went to Espresso Royal and grabbed some Chocolate Chi Tea and attempted to do some studying. I didn’t want to stay very long afraid that I wouldn’t get a good seat at the comedy show. With Frank and Ta going to the Basketball Game, I tried to convince Kristen to join me.

Kristen had a night class Wednesday night and was trying to do her reading before class at 6:40. The comedy show was scheduled to start at 7 PM. However, she is taking the class pass/fail and I felt that her missing it and having some fun wouldn’t hurt. Plus, I stressed that the show was free and would be a chance for the two of us to spend some time together because Kristen was going home to Dassel this weekend.

We got to Coffman pretty early and waited for the people organizing the show to let us sit down. The theater was pretty empty for a while but then filled up just after the opener started. As Kristen mentioned in her post, the opener from Mystery Science Theater 3000, was disappointing and only had a few funny moments.

The Sklar brothers, however, were hilarious. Many of the people in the audience came to see the Sklar brothers, after seeing them on Comedy Central Presents and their show on ESPN Classic. They have a great two-man gig and did some of their classic material such as “Chopper 4” and “Unsung heroes: Strip Club DJ”. They also had some good new material that I hadn’t heard before including some jokes about people from the Twin Cities.

This weekend, Kristen is in Dassel and will be back on Sunday. Last night, I hung out with some of my friends from freshman and sophomore years here at the University. This morning I woke up with a hang over but nothing that some orange juice and breakfast couldn’t cure.

Hope everyone is having a good weekend



Kristen said...

yes, you are getting very well at persuading people (me). oh, by the way, I don't go by 'Kirsten'. ;)

Andrew said...

That Kirsten, only happened once in the entire post, I made a slite error, but all the other times I got it right ms. picky :)

peteketcham said...

That's Ms. Picky !

peteketcham said...
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Kristen said...

sorry for bringing it up andy. :D