Thursday, February 09, 2006

Pandora – A Box That Everyone Should Open

A few weeks ago, I was introduced to this nifty website called Pandora. was created through the efforts of the music genome project started by Tim Westergren. Here’s what is neat about Pandora. When you get to the Pandora homepage you are asked to put in your favorite artist or favorite song. Using the information that you put in, Pandora compiles all the songs in its database and matches it with the type of song that you entered. They then take that music and create a playlist/radio station that matches what you entered.

It’s a great resource for finding other songs and artists that match your tastes in music. For example, one of my favorite artists is Guster. I created a radio station with that as the search and came up with some great artists that I have never heard of and some new favorite songs. Pandora has links to the Itunes Music Store so that you can download the songs that you find and add them to your collection.

I have recommended this site to most of my friends and my co-workers at Minitex. One of my friends exclaimed to me that “Pandora is one of the greatest web pages ever made.” So I write this post with the hope that those that read it check it out and play around with the music genome project and can make possible recommendations on what artists to look under or people’s favorite songs.

And check out The Spaceman's comments about Pandora at The Chronicles of Spaceman Axdahl

That’s all I got, now back to more Space Above and Beyond and hopefully schoolwork.

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Kristen said...

I concur. It is a fabulous website! It is very nice in introducing me to new artists.