Thursday, October 13, 2005

Of Mouse (vole) and Drew

Okay, so its about 4 in the morning, and I have been working on this CBD mapping project since about 7 o clock give or take. I finish up with a couple questions to go and jump into bed for some much needed zzz's. All of a sudden I hear this “shkshkshkshksshks”, I wait for it to go away but it doesn’t. I think, man who the hell is making all that noise at this time of night?

So I turn on my light and I see this thing moving along my window. Apparently a mouse had chewed his way through my screen and was trying to squeeze through or bite his way through glass as well. So I am thinking to myself, great now I got a rodent to deal with. And I remember how a few months or weeks ago suggesting to my brother that we get some diazanone or something to keep critters from getting in the house.

So I went and knocked on Frank’s door, at 3:45 in the morning to try to wake him up and help me with this problem or at least show him I was telling the truth. Nothin’, couldn’t get him to wake up, That’s ok, he’s a busy guy and I should be able to handle this myself. So I threw on some jeans and a shirt and marched over to the fireplace and picked up the shovel.

I then ventured out into the yard next to my window by my bed, which looks out on the backyard, and sure enough there was the little bitch climbing on the window again. Not wanting to damage the window I tried to lift him off of it and then to kinda throw him onto the grass or at least out of the well. Little did I know the punk had a hole pre dug and escaped my fireplace shovel before I could even do any damage. Throwing some rocks over the hole, does nothing really, I gave up and went back inside to hopefully go to bed. Tomorrow morning I am going to bring it up with Frank and Pete and that we need to either inspect the house for possible mouse holes if any exist and if we need to start trapping and or poisoning or both.

Anyway, until next post gnight, or should I say good morning??

Whichever it is I am crashing



Kristen said...

Oh my god! That is the funniest blog ever! Drew with a fireplace shovel...he he he... :D

Ok seriously though, I am kind of glad I did not sleep over last night...what if the mouse had gotten through, and then jumped on our bed, and then walked on our faces and perhaps into our mouths, and then pooped in our mouths, or better yet, sat on our faces...yuck yuck yuck!

Wait, perhaps I would have liked to have been there to see you run outside with your tiny shovel and scoop up the mouse and fling him :D Ah, now I can have a good day, thanks for putting a smile on my face before I take my two quizzes today :D

Franky J said...

Leave it to Kristen to work poop into this story! :-P