Tuesday, September 15, 2009

The Vaults Home Opener - I got to be on Television

I was wondering what television news channel that photographer was from :-D
Last night after the Kare 11 news broadcast, my girlfriend got a text from one of her cousins saying: "Where you and Drew @ the Game, I think we just saw Drew on the news". Sure enough, at the three minute mark of the video posted below is yours truly screaming go Gophers into the Camera...

The Photojournalists view of the Game

-Update, After watching it, I didn't know that they included me twice for the Rouser: My Favorite part of any Gopher Game has always been the Rah at the end!!

There has been a lot said for the historical significance of the Gophers returning to campus. The Gophers now have their own home to defend at the University of Minnesota; the best slogan by far has been: "Stadium Village, now with a Stadium" that was on all of the students who had bought season tickets. This game was completely sold out and an announced attendance of 50,508 people. Kristen and I were able to attend thanks to our friends (also alumni) who had to attend a wedding.

Kristen and I took some pictures and Video at the game which I hope to post soon along with an attempted reflection of my Dad and I's trip to the Wind River Range of which photos can be seen on Flickr:


It was a great weekend to be a Minnesota Sports fan; The Gophers won a tough victory over Air Force and have great momentum into their next battle with Cal; and the Vikings had a great game with Farve and Adrian Peteron's 64 yard touchdown run that was straight out a video game.


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