Saturday, April 28, 2007

Kristen wants a cat...

...and here's the source of the desire:

Nora, the Piano playing cat

-The best part of the video is how Nora, nuzzles herself on the keys while playing

Kristen has always been a pet lover and her farm in Dassel always has cats in the big white barn. I want to someday own a cat with Kristen, and name him Agrippa, he could be the general of the house. I would be like, "Agrippa!! Come and get your food!"..And he would be like "MEOW!!" then I'd say "Hey, you don't talk to me like that". It's a lot funnier talking then typing about it I guess.

The only problem is that I am allergic to cats, I haven't been exposed to them as much as Kristen has, so I would need to get some allergy medication to mitigate the nasal effects of the little fur ball.

Enjoy the video of Nora playing the piano and be sure to visit the YouTube link I provided above the embeded clip.

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Kristen said...

This is how the conversation might end:

Drew-"Hey, don't you talk to me like that!"